Machines & Moulds Construction

Plastics Production



The company MNS MINTZAS SA located in the Industrial Area of Patras, installed in a 4000 m2 private land with buildings 1500 m2. It is a modern facility engaged in engineering designs and constructions.

The company was started in 1991 by Nicholas and Stella Mintza as a sole proprietorship in Patras. In 2003 we moved to the Industrial Area of Patras. In 2005 converted to SA.

The company's aim is to support industrial and manufacturing units in the construction of special machinery production with automation systems and the maintenance of mechanical equipment. Also specialized team undertakes the installation of mechanical equipment for your unit.

Our company provides full technical support to its customers. Finally we are always available to answer to any problem and take any possible construction. 

Executives & Staff


The founders of the company are graduates Technologists Engineers and have the necessary scientific background and the experience over 25 years in design and construction.


The company employed valued, experienced and responsible staff of University and Technological education, which can properly handle the planning and design of the constructions. Also our company has a comprehensive department with the latest design software.

Our long experience in the field of special construction enables us to solve difficult problems in the production process of each company.



The implementation of any construction performed by using modern machinery such as:

  • Vertical CNC machining center

  • EDM

  • Lathes

  • Conventional Milling

  • Grinding machine surfaces

  • Boring machine 

  • Planing machine 

  • Injection machines for plastic  production

  • Sharpening Machines

  • Drilling machines 

  • Scissors machines 

  • Bending presses

  • Presses

  • Ancillary Equipment